Secondary School Admissions Questionnaire

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What is the name of your most recent school and in which country?
What activities are you interested in outside of classroom (e.g. sport, music, etc)?
What clubs, sports or other activities do you hope to participate at AIS?
Do you play a musical instrument? If so, how long have you been learning and do you intend to continue at AIS?
Do you speak or are you learning any languages other than English? If so, what are they and how long have you been studying?
What subjects do you enjoy?
What subjects (if any) do you find difficult?
On a scale 1 to 10 how do you feel about your move to Singapore and AIS? 1 - I'm unhappy, 10 - I'm thrilled
What comments, concerns and questions do you have?

Thank you for your commitment to completing this questionnaire. This will allow us to provide the optimum learning environment for you and ensure that we fulfill the delivery to you of our three core values of Respect, Opportunity and Achievement while allowing the most effective provision of our mission, to enable our students to realise their potential through exceptional opportunities, within a nurturing community which equips them to flourish in life and to make a difference for good. 

Fiona Johnston

Head of Secondary School

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